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6 Signs Of Arthritis In Dogs
May 12, 2022
Did you know that as many as one in five dogs suffers from arthritis? This condition is very painful for our furry friends, just as it is for people. There’s no cure for arthritis, but there are treatments available. Of course, the sooner the issue is diagnosed and treated, the better. Read on as a Champions Forest, TX vet lists a few signs that your canine companion may be developing arthritis.


This is often one of the first things people notice. At first, Fido may only limp when he first gets up. Over time, though, the limp will get more pronounced and more consistent.

Reduced Interest In Play

Arthritis can make it difficult for Fido to move around, so it understandably can put a damper on his playful doggy antics. If your four-legged friend’s favorite toys are gathering dust, he may be too sore to play.

Trouble Jumping/Climbing

This is one of the more common signs. Fido may have difficulty going up and down stairs, or getting in and out of the car. Or, he may have a hard time getting on and off beds and couches. This too may be mild at first, but will get worse over time.


Arthritis can make dogs very stiff and sore, especially in cold or damp weather. You may notice your furry buddy flinching or moving away if you pet him in a sore spot.


Being in pain isn’t much of a mood boost for anyone. Dogs are no exception. Your canine pal may act glum or grumpy. Or, he may withdraw, and spend time by himself, rather than with his humans.


Dogs with arthritis also sometimes have a tendency to lick or nibble sore spots. These are often legs, paws, and the base of the tail.


If your canine pal shows any of these symptoms, take him to the vet right away. You will be able to discuss treatment options once Fido has been examined. Home care is also important. Small touches, like comfy beds, supplements, and a proper exercise regimen, can go a long way here. Last but not least, be sure to keep your pooch at (or at least near) his ideal weight. Ask your vet for specific advice. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Champions Forest, TX animal clinic, today!