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Teaching Your Kitten Good Manners
November 1, 2022
Have you just adopted a kitten? Congratulations! Baby cats are almost impossibly cute. This is lucky for them, because they’re also extremely frisky and mischievous! One thing on your agenda is going to be teaching little Fluffy proper petiquette. A FM 1960 North, TX vet offers some tips on this below.


Our feline friends can be very loving and sweet, but let’s not forget that they’re basically pint-sized lions. Your tiny pet will naturally want to work on her hunting skills, and may try to practice on you. If little Fluffy bites or scratches you, blow in her face or reprimand her by sternly saying something like ‘Don’t bite’ or ‘Put your claws away.’ You can also clap your hands or squirt her with water. Then, just ignore her for a while. You’ll need to teach her how to properly blow off steam. Play with your furry buddy frequently, using toys you can control from a distance, such as lasers or wand toys.


Fluffy will be very interested in figuring out how to use—and care for—her tiny claws. Provide a proper scratching post. Put fun toys near it, and praise her for using it. If you notice your furry pal scratching improperly, pick her up and put her on or near her scratching station.

Breaking Bad Habits

If—or when—your feisty feline misbehaves, don’t punish her. If you catch her in the act, you can reprimand her verbally. You may also find that startling her is very effective. Clap your hands, stomp your foot, or squirt her with water. However, you should never hit or yell at your furball. That may just make her scared of you, which often causes more problems than it solves.

Be Realistic

Little Fluffy will always be a bit frisky. You may never be able to stop your feline buddy from climbing on your desk, sleeping in your fresh laundry, or refusing to come when you call her. That cattitude is one of the reasons cats make such fun and charismatic pets! (Fluffy more than makes up for it with her purrs and cuddles.)


It’s very important for your pint-sized pal to feel loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to little Fluffy! Talk to her, pet her, and snuggle her. Do you have questions about kitten care? Contact us, your FM 1960 North, TX animal clinic, anytime!