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Common Pet Care Mistakes
January 1, 2023

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a wonderful time to take a look at your pet’s care regime, and perhaps see if there is room for improvement. Of course, when it comes to improvement, sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. A Champions Forest, TX vet lists some common pet care mistakes in this article.

Poor/Improper Diet

Just like people, pets need proper diets to really stay at their optimal health. While cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the only thing you look at. Offer your four-legged buddy something that is appropriate for their age, size, health, and lifestyle. 

Lack Of Activity/Stimulation

Things like stress, boredom, and loneliness can all have a tremendous impact on your furry friend’s health. Toys, playtime, and a fun environment can all help provide the enrichment and entertainment Fido and Fluffy need to thrive. For dogs, daily walks are also a must.


Obesity is a huge issue (literally) among our furry companions. Fido and Fluffy may look cute if they’re a bit chubby, but those extra pounds can be seriously detrimental to their health! Keep your four-legged friend at or near their ideal weight.

Leaving Them Intact

Spaying and neutering are mainly done to help curb animal overpopulation, but that isn’t the only reason. It will also help curb many behavioral issues: Fido and Fluffy are both calmer and generally better behaved after the procedure.

Not Petproofing

Make your home safe for your dog or cat by removing anything that could be dangerous. That includes small or sharp objects, wires and cords; plastic ties and bags; and anything that could be toxic, such as medicine, automotive products, chemicals, and plants.

Lack Of Veterinary Care

Proper veterinary care is crucial to your furry pal’s health and well-being. Keep up with your pet’s vaccinations and parasite control products. Regular exams are also important. In between visits, watch for signs of illness. Call us right away if you notice anything wrong. The sooner an issue is diagnosed, the better! 


Our animal companions don’t understand punishment, at least, not in the way we do. Negative reinforcement may just scare Fido and Fluffy. Reward good behavior, and gently correct bad habits. 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Champions Forest, TX today.