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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
January 15, 2023

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is coming up on January 23rd! Our feline friends are known for being curious. If Fluffy were actually able to voice her most pressing queries, what do you think she’d really want to know about? A Champions Forest, TX vet makes a few ‘petucated’ guesses in this article. 

Why Do I Have To Go In The Car?

Kitties are much healthier with regular veterinary care. However, they definitely are not fans of car rides. In fact, many of our feline patients are more distressed over the trip into the office than they are their actual appointments. (Sorry, Fluffy: it’s for your own good!)

What Are You Doing?

Fluffy gets quite attached to her humans, and likes to keep very close tabs on them. She may even follow you into the bathroom!

Why Don’t You Want To Play With Me?

It’s always fun and cute seeing a kitty hard at play. However, many furballs have a penchant for batting their toys around in the middle of the night, when their humans are sleeping … or trying to.

Why Can’t I Sleep On That?

Cats are very opportunistic nappers, who will doze off on anything and everything. Fluffy may not understand why she can’t snooze on your laptop, purse, or book, so you may occasionally need to move her mid-nap. 

Why Can’t I Go Out?

We always recommend keeping kitties indoors. While Fluffy may enjoy going outside, there are just too many threats out there for a little ball of fur. Cars, weather, wildlife, chemical exposure, parasites, unsafe plants … the list goes on.

What’s Wrong With The Dog?

Cats and dogs can cohabitate peacefully, and sometimes forge very strong bonds. However, that doesn’t mean Fluffy isn’t giving her canine roommate the side eye. Fido doesn’t use litterboxes, hates baths, and actually does what he’s told. None of that makes any sense to your little furball! 

What Are You Doing?

Our adorable feline buddies are very inquisitive, and they often like to just sit and supervise us as we go about our days. Your furry pal may even meow her question at you. Fluffy’s curiosity is one of her most lovable traits! 

That may take care of Fluffy’s questions, but what about your own? Contact us, your local Champions Forest, TX animal clinic, with any questions about your kitty’s health or care.