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Signs Of Dental Issues In Cats
February 15, 2023

Did you know that cats can develop many of the same dental issues as people can? Gum disease, for instance, is quite prevalent in our feline friends. Of course, kitties can be quite elusive  and secretive, particularly when it comes to showing signs of sickness. Fluffy is more or less hardwired to try to mask signs of illness, for fear of attracting predators. Read on as a Champions Forest, TX vet lists some things to look for..

Poor Grooming

Our feline pals are very clean, which is one thing we love about them. However, if Fluffy’s mouth hurts, she’ll have a hard time grooming herself. It won’t take long for her fur to start looking rough and unkempt.

Reduced Appetite

Chewing with a toothache is no fun. This is true for both people and pets! You may notice your kitty taking longer eating, or ignoring kibble and harder treats.

Loss Of Interest In Play

Fluffy may still occasionally pounce on something, or chase that little red dot, but she probably won’t be very interested in biting things if her teeth hurt.


Cats usually don’t drool, so this is often a sign that something is wrong. Your feline buddy may also dribble food out of the corner of her mouth.


To be fair, some kitties are naturally a bit grumpy. However, if Fluffy is usually sweet, but has suddenly become a furry little curmudgeon, she may have dental issues—and/or other medical problems. 


Facial swelling is a definite sign that your kitty needs immediate care. This is indicative of infection, which is very dangerous so near the brain.

Uncharacteristic Vocalization

Fluffy’s adorable meows, squeaks, and chirrups are a big part of her charm and purrsonality. Every cat has their own unique vocalization.  If your furry little buddy is usually chatty, but is suddenly quiet, or vice versa, there may be something going on with her.

Bad Breath

Fluffy’s breath will probably never be minty fresh, and if she nose-boops your face just after eating, you can probably expect a blast of tuna breath. However, ongoing bad breath is a warning sign that something is off, and is often a sign of dental woes.

As your local Champions Forest, TX animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. Please contact us right away if you notice any of these warning signs.