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Dog Bite Prevention Tips
April 1, 2023

Dog Bite Prevention Week starts April 9th. Every year, about 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs. While fortunately the majority of these incidents are minor, dog bites can cause very serious injuries. A local Champions Forest, TX offers a few tips on dog bite prevention in this article. 

Don’t Pet Strange Dogs 

Rule number one of dog bite prevention? Never pet or tease a strange dog. If the owner is nearby, ask if Fido is friendly, and ask if you can pet him. If the answers to both questions are yes, let the pup sniff your hand, and just greet it by saying hello (or something similar) in a friendly voice. 

Body Language 

You may sometimes hear stories about dogs that attack without warning. However, that’s not always accurate. Dogs often give plenty of warning: people just don’t always know how to read those red flags. Pay close attention to Fido’s body language. It’s common knowledge that growling and snarling are warning signs, but there are also more subtle clues to look for. A pooch that tucks his tail, shows the whites of his eyes, licks his lips, holds his ears back, wags his tail slowly, and/or stands stiffly is also feeling uneasy. 

It’s also important to be aware of your own body language. For instance, you should never look a strange pooch in the eye: this can be taken as a sign of dominance in doggy language. You also shouldn’t run past strange dogs. If you come across a potentially-aggressive dog, just stand still. 

Never Assume

It’s also important to understand that any dog can bite. Even pups that are usually sweet can become suddenly aggressive due to hormones, fear, discomfort, or perceived threats. If a Pomeranian runs up to you wagging its tail, you’re probably not in mortal danger, but it’s still best to use caution. Even small dogs can cause injuries!  

Tips For Kids

If you have little ones, this can be a great time to teach them the do’s and don’ts of interacting with Man’s Best Friend. Explain to them that our canine companions don’t think the same way we do. For instance, humans hug each other as a sign of affection. However, dogs often see hugs as a sign of aggression. 

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