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Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard
April 15, 2023

Does your canine pal have a yard to run and play in? That’s wonderful! Fido will still need regular walks, for exercise and stimulation, but it’s great for him to have an outdoor area as well. If your yard could use a bit of a pupgrade, read on! A local Champions Forest, TX vet offers some advice on creating a dog-friendly yard in this article. 


A sturdy fence is a definite must. Pick something that your pooch can’t go over, under, or through. Ideally, the fence should be at least 4 feet tall: higher if your canine companion is a jumper. A good, self-latching gate is also important. 


FIdo should live indoors with the rest of the family, but it’s good for him to have a shelter in the yard as well. Choose a doghouse that offers good insulation from the weather. Avoid pressure-treated wood, as the chemicals used to process it make it toxic to dogs. 

Water Features

Many dogs love to splash and play. Fido may enjoy having a kiddie pool. You can also get pet fountains that shoot water into the air when your pooch steps on a pad. Of course, drinking water is also important. Just don’t let water sit and get stagnant, as it can quickly collect bugs and germs or be contaminated by wild animals. 


You may also want to take steps to make your place unwelcoming to intruders, such as snakes and other wild animals. Pick up debris piles, old toys, and fallen branches, and fill in holes under sheds or garages.


Do you enjoy gardening? Fido is a great cheerleader, but he has something of a brown thumb. Separate your yard into sections: use one part for your pooch’s play area, and another for your plants.


If you have a pool, you’ll need to teach your canine buddy where the exit is, so he can get out if he falls in. If your furry pal can’t swim, keep the pool gated off when it’s not in use. 


Speaking of plants, toxic plants are a huge danger to our four-legged friends. For instance, Sago palms are extremely toxic to Man’s Best Friend. You can use the ASPCA site here to help determine what is and isn’t safe. 

As your local Champions Forest, TX animcl clinic, we’re here to help! Please contact us anytime!