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Cute Ways To Spoil Fluffy on National Pet Day
May 1, 2023

May is National Pet Month! Pets really bring a lot to our lives. They keep us laughing even on the worst days, comfort us when we’re feeling sad, and generally just brighten up our lives with love and cuddles. Fluffy definitely deserves a special treat on this important day! A Champions Forest, TX vet offers some tips on how to get your fuzzy buddy’s motor going in this article. 


Don’t forget that your furry friend is a predator at heart. Pick up a few new toys for your kitty, and take time playing with them. This is bound to put a smile on your face: cats are extra adorable when they’re feeling frisky! 


Kitties can be finicky, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy treats. Offer Fluffy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat. Your furball may also appreciate a little deli meat, or perhaps boiled or scrambled egg. Store-bought treats are also find, of course, though you may need to try a few things to see what your feline pal likes best. 

DIY Furniture 

You can find all sorts of great pieces for kitties in stores, but you can also make things of your own. There are some really cute DIY ideas for turning sweaters, hat boxes, hard shell suitcases, and other household items into cat beds. You can also make Fluffy a box castle, or even a cat tree.

Photo Session 

Fluffy is very cute, and she makes a very good model. Snap some adorable pics, and share them on social media. We never get tired of seeing cute cat pictures. Providing a new toy or piece of furniture will get that little motor going for that adorable ‘happy cat’ expression.


One of the cutest things about our feline buddies is their fascination with this curious plant. Not all kitties are sensitive to catnip, but those that are will enjoy a new catnip toy or even a live plant. 


Our feline friends are very affectionate, and many of them want nothing more than to be petted and held. Pay some extra attention to your furry buddy! Even kitties that are naturally aloof often enjoy being talked to and played with.

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