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Protecting Fido From Snakes
June 1, 2023

We share the Lone Star State with a variety of amazing wild animals … including quite a few that we’d probably rather not run into. Snakes are always a concern for Texas dog owners. They’re a hazard to people as well. However, while most people know to give them a wide berth, dogs sometimes go for them. Fido is also known for sniffing around places snakes like to hide, such as debris piles. Here, a Champions Forest, TX vet offers some advice on keeping your pup safe from slithering dangers.


If you live in an area where you frequently see snakes, you may want to consider sending your pooch to snake-avoidance school. Ask your vet for recommendations.


There are also things you can do to make your property less welcoming to snakes. Snake-proof fencing would be at the top of the list. Also, fill in holes beneath doghouses and sheds, and put mesh covers over drainage pipes.

Don’t Attract Them

Snakes go where there is food and shelter, so make sure your property offers neither. Clear out things that may make potential snake hide-outs, such as piles of debris. If you have a garden or fruit trees, pick up fallen produce and erect fencing that will keep out things like mice and rats, which snakes eat.

Situational Awareness

When you are walking your canine pal, pay attention to the terrain, and watch where both you and your pooch are stepping. Pay extra attention at night, and when you are in areas where snakes may be present.

Know Your Ssnakes

We have ten types of rattlesnakes here in Texas, and about 90 kinds of snakes overall. Get to know the dangerous ones, and where and when you’re likely to encounter them. Different types of snakes have different habitat preferences. For instance, the Blacktail Rattlesnake likes bushes and ledges, while the Mottled Rock Rattlesnake, as the name suggests, prefers rocky areas.  It’s also good to know different snake behaviors. While most rattlesnakes are timid, the one most commonly found here, the Western Diamondback, is aggressive and will not back down.


There are rattlesnake vaccinations available for Fido. These won’t protect him against every kind of snake, but they are definitely worth exploring. Ask your vet for more information.

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