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Taking Your Cat To The Vet
August 15, 2023

August 22nd is a pretty important day for our feline patients: it’s Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. Of course, if you could actually ask your kitty her opinion on the matter, she would probably vote to stay home and take another nap. However, Fluffy will be much healthier—and therefore both happier and more comfortable—with proper veterinary care. Here, a local Champions Forest, TX veterinarian offers some tips on bringing your furball in.

Basic Care

Your furry pal’s care needs will change a bit over time. If you adopt your kitty as a baby, you’ll need to bring her in a few times in that crucial first year. In addition to those initial exams, screenings, and vaccines, Little Fluffy will need to be microchipped and fixed. Once your cute pet is all grown up, she may only need to see us once a year, for wellness care and preventative care. Senior cats will need more frequent appointments, as will those that are allowed outdoors. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

Emergency Visits

In between your kitty’s regular appointments, you’ll need to keep an eye out for signs of trouble. These may include things like vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory issues, fever, lethargy, unusual discharge, and uncharacteristic behavior or vocalizations. Cats instinctively try to hide illnesses, so Fluffy could be very sick before you notice something is wrong. Call your vet right away if you spot any signs of illness.

Keeping Kitty Calm

Going to the vet can be quite stressful for Fluffy. There are some valid reasons for this. Many of our feline overlords absolutely hate being taken out of their kingdoms. There’s also the fact that most kitties just don’t care for car rides. Your cute pet could be quite distressed before she even gets to the clinic! The unfamiliar place and smells, especially coupled with the scents and presence of other nervous pets—some of whom may be sick—don’t help matters much here either. 

How to help? Make the carrier comfortable by adding soft bedding. Leaving it out between appointments will also help your furry friend get used to it. Your vet may also recommend calming pheromones. Even talking to your kitty in a soothing tone can help ease her anxiety!

Do you need to make an appointment for your feline pal? Contact us, your local Champions Forest, TX animal clinic, today!